About Wintertuin

Wintertuin is a literary production company. In short: everything we do revolves around writing and writers. We organise literary festivals, produce literary shows, teach workshops, publish books and guide and represent young writers

We currently employ a staff of fifteen: writers, editors, programmers, producers, a designer and marketeers.

If you want to meet other writers, you can join our monthly workshop Literaturjugend. If you want to have your work read, you can send it to Op Ruwe Planken. For those aspiring to be writers and willing to take a full time education  for that, with courses taught by professional writers and editors, you can try out for Creative Writing

If you are looking for talented writers – be it for texts, editing, performance, workshops or a course – you can find those in our agencyLastly, if you want to hear good stories, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via our newsletter. That way you know when and where you can visit our shows and festivals.